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- a love story began

April 05, 2020; She fought with her boyfriend. Things were not working out. She was devastated, she was frustrated fighting again and again. Well, she didn’t know that this day had planned something beautiful for her. Zoey – her name, she installed Tinder for the very first time out of frustration. Never knew that this app could bring so much happiness into her life, at least for a year.

Zoey opened the red app. She swiped left to all boys until she saw a guy with pouted lips. She laughed “a guy with pout lips-hell no!” But, there was something which she could not resist to swipe his profile to right and fortunately, they matched. He turned out to be her first match on tinder. She was unaware of the upcoming.  “Hie” he texted and a beautiful conversation went on between them. They chatted for hours. He never got tired of praising her pictures on IG.

Manvir was a Punjabi boy who was working in Pune as a Graphic Designer. Whereas Zoey was an English teacher in Pune. Due to the pandemic, she had to return to her hometown in Assam.

She was not into Manvir but involved him in her life just to forget her past. She kept telling him about her past life and her numerous boyfriends’ stories. Crazy her! Unknowingly, they were falling for each other. Pandemic was keeping them away from meeting. They started sharing each thing that happened in their daily lives.

The pandemic wave brought out all the hidden talents in people. Commoners started to make Dalgona coffee, baked amazing cakes, did their own haircut, and a lot. Manvir too shaved his head bald as he couldn’t get a perfect haircut on his own. Poor fellow! One day, Zoey took the courage to facetime him. Manvir cheeks became as red as a tomato. He was blushing damn! Manvir couldn’t speak much but kept on smiling.

It was Zoey’s birthday. He was the first one to wish her. On Zoey’s birthday, he gifted her a beautiful logo design of her face made by him.

Zoey thought that she needed a friend who will listen to her miseries without questioning. She needed a shoulder to cry on. She considered herself lucky enough to get him who listened to all her shits until one day, he called her up and said “it’s over”.  She was shocked “what do you mean by it’s over?” Manvir realized that she got serious with him which he didn’t want. He was strong enough to call off that relation they were building. She felt everything shuttered. She cried and begged him not to leave her. At that moment she realized that she was already in love with Manvir. But, Manvir remained stubborn at his point of breaking that relationship of love or friendship, what it was.

The talking stopped, Chats became low. She was heartbroken once again but got a hold of herself.

Zoey’s parents were moving out of town for some days. She had to stay all alone. And, during this time again the bond between Zoey and Manvir started to grow. Hours and hours of talking, facetime; she was happy again. She had him back in her life. She is at the peak of love. Zoey dreamt her future with him. Manvir too couldn’t resist himself falling for her. But, he was mature enough to remind her that their thoughts didn’t match. He kept on saying that she was immature. It was never loved from his side. What he ever wanted was ‘no strings attached’. Zoey didn’t stop to love Manvir despite all those bitter sayings. She stood for her feelings. She kept on trying.

A year passed by. She still loved him and still trying to continue her life with him.

Finally, one day, she was ready to let him go.  She decided to get him out of her mind. She was tired. She stopped talking to Manvir. At that moment, Manvir realized that she had already become a part of his life which he couldn’t let go of. Yes! He too was in love.

Despite all the pandemic situation, he flew to Assam, grabbed her favorite ring, and proposed to her on his knees “Will you marry me?” That line, yes, that line shot like a bullet in her heart. She couldn’t believe that the boy who was not into romantic stories, who didn’t believe in love, that day he was on his knees. For her, it was a dream come true. Tears rolled down her eyes. She couldn’t speak but only cry. Manvir hugged her tightly “I am here.”

And, the story continues……..

Digitalization of education sector in India

Education is the most powerful weapon an individual can have. India is growing towards becoming a digital India. With it comes the education system which is growing faster in digital field. Digitalization of education in India helps the students in terms of understanding the concepts better and it provides more fun to learning.

It is the prime try of a teacher to engage all the students in a class, with the help of computers, projectors, Digi-board etc., it is more possible. The students enjoy watching educational videos too. They can download resources and also submit their homework easily in the apps or portals.

With the hi-tech internet speed, the students can join any online classes sitting at their homes. They can apply and learn any courses easily. It is affordable too.

We can say Digitalization education is the future of India. It is becoming e-learning. Educators also use social media as learning platform to exchange information. The best part is anyone can do it anywhere and anytime. The government is also coming with new ideas to boost the significance of digital India. It is trying to develop and modify the rural schools in terms of digital platforms.

Online education offers free accessibility to e-learners in learning, teaching, and research. It is creating an environment of self-learning.

Due to the pandemic Covid-19, all schools and colleges were shut down. In this case, only virtual classrooms could help to continue the flow of learning without a break. This is a drastic transformation in the field of education. Virtual teaching has content rich syllabus, adaptive learning, quick doubt solving sessions, student-friendly apps, and portals that make learning personalized. In schools, not only education but also extra curriculum activities are held through virtual platforms.

Thus, we can say India has been digitalized in terms of the education sector.

Why do most Indian medical students pursue MBBS in Ukraine?

‘MBBS- Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of surgery’ is the occupation which most of the youngsters want to pursue, especially the Indian students. They are taking the big dreams; and, why not? We should dream bigger. Most of them dream of becoming a doctor and serve the people for good. But, is it that easy to be a doc? Of course not! You have to work hard and not only that you need to clear the toughest entrance exam i.e. NEET.

What is NEET? NEET stands for The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test, which you need to crack if you want to be a doctor in India. It is the qualifying test to pursue MBBS or BDS in India. The cut-offs are really high.

India is a country where the population growth rate is higher than other countries of the world. India ranks 2nd in terms of population. There are fewer colleges and universities compare to the population. So, it is not easy to get into colleges for MBBS in India.

So, if you are firm at your decision of becoming a doctor surely the other option left for you is abroad. In abroad, compared to other countries Ukraine is offering better opportunities at low cost. Ukraine MBBS course is budget-friendly and the best part is after completing MBBS from Ukraine you can apply for jobs in any country.

MBBS in Ukraine:

  • At first, it’s a beautiful place with beautiful weather.
  • There are lots of opportunities and colleges in Ukraine as compared to India.
  • The fee structure of completing MBBS is much lower than compared to India.
  • In Ukraine, there are no difficult entrance tests for getting admissions.
  • Many extracurricular activities and sports activities are held.
  • Teachers are more approachable and will be available to guide you throughout the course.
  • The medium of instruction in universities is English which makes it easy for all worldwide students to understand. There are compulsory classes for language also. So, it won’t be difficult to understand their accent.
  • In Ukraine, there are more practicals than theories.
  • Personal attention is given to each and every student.

Top Medical Universities in Ukraine: Ukraine is the second largest country in Europe, and hence the number of universities are also more. Some of the top MBBS universities in Ukraine are:

  1. Bukovinian State Medical University
  2. Vinnytsia National Medical University
  3. Lviv National Medical University
  4. Karazin Kharkiv National University
  5. Ternopil National Medical University

The total cost of Medical studies/MBBS in Ukraine: The complete duration of MBBS in Ukraine is 5.8 years. The fee structure varies from university to university.

 Bukovinian State Medical University fees 2.9L for the first year ( Total 6 years)

  • Bukovinian  State Medical University fees 2.9L for  first year ( Total 6 years)
  • Lviv National Medical University
Fee1st year2nd year3rd year4th year5th year6th year
  • Ternopil National Medical University
1st year(2nd to 6th per year)Hostel per yearOverhead expenses on timeTotal fee
400 USD400 USD100 USD2800 USD32800 USD
  • Karazin Kharkiv National University
Tution feeHostel feeOne Time ChargeTotal Charge  
  • Vinnytsia National Medical University
1st year2nd to 6th per yearHostel per yearOverhead expenses on timeTotal
4400 USD4400 USD1000 USD2800 USD35200 USD

Eligibility criteria for MBBS in Ukraine:

Getting admission in Ukraine Universities is very easy. The students don’t have to undergo any tough exams. All they need are:-

  • They should be above 17 years old
  • The candidate must score above 50% in their 12th exam in science stream having the subjects Physics, Chemistry, and Biology or any other equivalent board of examination
  • As per the latest notification, the candidates not qualifying in NEET exam should produce an eligibility certificate issued by the Medical Council of India at the time of admission to foreign countries.

Thus, Indian students have many valid reasons to study MBBS in Ukraine.

My Spiritual Journey


I had never thought that life would bring me to write about spiritual things as I was not believing in these earlier. I was happy, but as time passed, I grew up, faced the world, it robbed my innocence. I can see the adult world but no courage to face it. I felt like I didn’t belong to this world.

One day, while lying alone on my bed, a text beeped on my phone. Oh! It was from my bestie. She shared a link to join a meditation class along with her. I was not interested as I thought it was a boring act. But for my bestie, I agreed to join it. Surprisingly, my whole thought changed after that. I began to see things in positive ways which brought positivity to my life. I could see how little things can have a deep impact. I became less judgemental. I knew how to find my inner spirit. Every day I thanked God for the small things I was grateful for. I started writing the good things that happened to me daily and read them at the ending of the month which helped my mind in creating rooms for more positive things.

So! this is how my journey started and I am happy to follow it now. Spiritual journey- it’s your journey, it’s not about what others tell or what others are going to think, it’s not about what society tells, it’s not about what family tells you; it’s your own journey, what resonates with you, what makes you find peace, where you can connect to yourself. I find beauty and truth in all the beliefs out there and they have the same goal in connecting us to the higher-self of ourselves that we really can’t explain.



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Definition of feminism


1: the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes2: organized activity on behalf of women’s rights and interests.
Women are living in a world of male dominant society which is known as the patrician society. From the early times women wanted to move forward but the male dominant society always pull them back in the limited circle. They tried many ways of coming forward.  Earlier women were not allowed to write or publish any literary work because of which they had to publish their literary works under pseudo names of men. Kitchen-sink drama is a form of  that time. 
But, now as in the modern times there is a huge difference. Women are coming out of their shells. They are conquering the world by the power of their hard work and ambition.