My Spiritual Journey


I had never thought that life would bring me to write about spiritual things as I was not believing in these earlier. I was happy, but as time passed, I grew up, faced the world, it robbed my innocence. I can see the adult world but no courage to face it. I felt like I didn’t belong to this world.

One day, while lying alone on my bed, a text beeped on my phone. Oh! It was from my bestie. She shared a link to join a meditation class along with her. I was not interested as I thought it was a boring act. But for my bestie, I agreed to join it. Surprisingly, my whole thought changed after that. I began to see things in positive ways which brought positivity to my life. I could see how little things can have a deep impact. I became less judgemental. I knew how to find my inner spirit. Every day I thanked God for the small things I was grateful for. I started writing the good things that happened to me daily and read them at the ending of the month which helped my mind in creating rooms for more positive things.

So! this is how my journey started and I am happy to follow it now. Spiritual journey- it’s your journey, it’s not about what others tell or what others are going to think, it’s not about what society tells, it’s not about what family tells you; it’s your own journey, what resonates with you, what makes you find peace, where you can connect to yourself. I find beauty and truth in all the beliefs out there and they have the same goal in connecting us to the higher-self of ourselves that we really can’t explain.



nounSave Word To save this word, you’ll need to log in. Log In fem·​i·​nism | \ ˈfe-mə-ˌni-zəm  \

Definition of feminism


1: the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes2: organized activity on behalf of women’s rights and interests.
Women are living in a world of male dominant society which is known as the patrician society. From the early times women wanted to move forward but the male dominant society always pull them back in the limited circle. They tried many ways of coming forward.  Earlier women were not allowed to write or publish any literary work because of which they had to publish their literary works under pseudo names of men. Kitchen-sink drama is a form of  that time. 
But, now as in the modern times there is a huge difference. Women are coming out of their shells. They are conquering the world by the power of their hard work and ambition. 

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